Thursday, 8 March 2018

The Danger of the Written Word

So yesterday saw me having coffee with one of My oldest regulars, I'll call him *A* for the sake of protecting his name not that I expect just a first name would hurt, but hey, better safe than sorry. Anyway it was a lovely meeting and we cleared the air regards a small misunderstanding that there had been between us, I shall be looking forwards to seasoning with him in My studio again soon.

Well in amongst our conversation *A* said to Me that he had thought of visiting other Mistresses as it was often difficult to find a time that was agreeable to both of us and he very much felt that having read a blog I previously posted regards another Mistress coming to work from My studio that I was  no longer interested in sessioning in My dungeon and was more or less full time in My other studio The Practice doing medical....Now there is the danger of the written word, I certainly didn't read it that way before I posted it but no doubt if *A* read it that was so have others so.....

I have not retired, I am not semi retired, yes My medical studio is very busy, yes that restricts My time but I love My Dungeon Studio, Fallen Angel Studio and I love to session in there, I am and will always be available to session from there so do feel free to call, email and book!

And regards My previous blog all I meant by it was that as I am now so busy with Medical there is more space in the studio diary where My beautiful studio is standing empty, its a great opportunity for a PD to come and built a business, it is full of Fetters Furniture and therefor if I coin their tag line A Rolls Royce of a dungeon not a thrown together mishmash! I have one full time Mistress working there and she is busy, I also have a healthy bank of folks who private hire the space, they though tend book times outside of the PD work hours so there is space, that simple, There are 2 ladies due to visit in the next week or so but at this stage I have no idea if they are just wanting to session occasionally or looking for a base so its still worth giving Me a call or dropping Me an email, I'm not looking to operate a revolving door once I find someone then that's it....

Thanks for reading and apologies for any confusion....

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Ooops and an apology

So early December I did My annual revamp of My web site I like to stay on top of it, I can think of nothing worse than someone turning up and thinking I look nothing like My photo's, I have right from the start of My career done this, I guess that's the advantage of building your own web sites, it costs nothing but a very little time.

Anyway I digress, I am forever doing that, December was very busy but I am pretty sure that 90% of the sessions I did were booked in before the web site revamp, I shut the doors as always on the 23rd and went off on holiday.

I was thinking only the other day January is always a little hit and miss but very quiet on the dungeon side, luckily the medical side has been booming and so i have had a decent month thus far, it was in fact only yesterday one of My medical patients pointed out to Me that My number on was correct but on was not and having texted it got a rather rude reply.......ooops!

So on a serious note it is now corrected and My sincere apologies to anyone who has tried to call and got no response or worse texted and got a rude reply, please call back, I'll look forward to hearing from you..

Sunday, 26 November 2017

7 years chaste


Ladies if you're the type that believes in girl power and gents if you have a delicate no further....this is almost certainly not for you....I used to blog on a personal level long ago, it was popular, this is a blog very much in that vein, it's about an event I can't let pass without comment so don't expect too much more of this style, though hey, a lady is entitled to change her mind so maybe...

On the 26th of November 2010 My life moved on to another level as did the life of My No1, cutting a very long story short My No1 came in to My life some 20 plus years back, within about 12 maybe 18 months we were smitten and both sure we were soul mates, it was about this time I started to fuck other men, initially it was through swinging albeit a very one sided style of swinging, I fucked No1 did not.

Over a period of 12/13 years the swinging turned to cuckolding, many years of chastity device experimentation and some, OK more than some BDSM play, it was more lifestyle than play for us, our own version of 24/7, there were many men in My bed over the years, some were just fuck buddies, some one night stands and some men I had affairs with, one lasted 8 years, another 3 years, just to set the foundation for the blog the difference for Me is a lover I will spend nights with, short breaks, holidays etc, a fuck buddy is just that, they turn up, we fuck, they go.

I have met men numerous ways, mostly through adds on various swinger sites, socially, through work etc etc etc, I find the swinger sites the best if honest, I love big cocks, that's a story for another day and how this whole lifestyle started really but I won't digress, on a site you can advertise for what you like and 8 inches plus is what I ask for as a minimum, look away gents if you have a delicate ego, in My opinion anything less than 8 inches is just not big enough, No1 has 7 inches and at best he is adequate on rare occasions, I still use him to satisfy Me on a very regular basis, I just have him use his tongue mostly and after 20 plus years he knows where all My buttons are so is an amazing lover in his own way.

So that's a brief background and give or take about the way we were 7 years ago today....

So 7 years ago today, what happened that moved My life and that of No1 on to another level? Face Book would you believe....

A few weeks previous to the 26th I was contacted by My first love Doug, we met on holiday and at the time I thought he was the one, some years later when we broke up it became very much a chapter in My life that was *unfinished business* and for the next 20 odd years including my time with No1 I burned a small candle for him. I think No1 was more aware of it than Me and brought Doug up in conversation over the years. It was Doug after all that gave Me My love of big cock, and so in turn No1's mission to have Me have My desires and wants satisfied by others in a department where he is inept. A beautiful and thoughtful man, selfless and devoted, My perfection!

Doug was now an estate agent, married with 2 kids, and here the ladies need to look away, married with kids has never bothered Me, if I like it I take it and I must admit to take another woman's husband when I want is and always has been an added extra to an already exciting cuckolding for My No1 and dalliance for Me, the first message was flirty and I pretty much decided before I replied that I was going to fuck him again.

So fast forward a few weeks, I had told No1 I was going to fuck him, I also told him I would not insult Doug and was therefor going to fuck him bareback, something I am very careful about normally, I had No1 take pictures of Me that I send on to Doug, I had many raunchy phone calls and masturbated whilst talking to My former boy, good ole fashioned phone sex, No1 could but sit and watch....poor boy....I had No1 book a nice Hotel on the Thames at Staines or to give it its posh name Staines upon Thames, he paid for it also, I saw No1 in a very different light than normal from the first contact with Doug, I tell My No1 I love him every day, and I do, but I know he was frightened, he was very frightened, he struggled to sleep, became even more attentive than normal, he had a sort of please don't leave me, pleading kind of look in his eyes, I must admit that extra power made Me very wet and very horny, I would wake him in the middle of the night to satisfy Me as well as morning and evening and when work allowed day times too, it all added to it and it was for both Myself and No1 a very emotional few weeks, a real rollercoaster of feelings, by the time the day came the atmosphere was electric, I know in My heart No1 didn't really want Me to do it, but by then I just didn't give a fuck, it was happening I told him as much. No1 of course understood that by now it was a need not a want, a need to settle the demons from years back and to satisfy the built up lust.

I dropped No1 at the hotel so he knew how to find his way back to Me when I summoned him, it was cold and wet but I gave No1 no further thought as I entered the hotel, butterflies in My stomach, once booked in I headed for the lounge, two comfy well worn Chesterfields in front of a roaring log fire, i got a coffee and waited, right on time My former lover and great love arrived, still very handsome and so very fuckable, coffee and flirtation saw a nice big bulge in his suit trousers and for Me I was soaking, seconds after we entered the room we were snogging, groping, ripping each others clothes off, a fast frantic very very passionate fuck ensued and we collapsed exhausted onto the bed, him naked Myself still in stockings and suspenders, intimate unlike with a fuck buddy. We chatted, we reminisced we touched, I must admit I couldn't resist and did on a couple of occasions pop him in My mouth and tease, we fucked again and all too soon the afternoon was gone, he had to go back to his wife and kids, I saw him out and wished him well. I texted No1 "come get your cream pie" as I waited I reflected, it was nice, it put out the candle I had burnt, I was glad I did it, the cock was good but he wasn't a patch on My No1, I may fuck him again, I may not, not bothered either way. I haven't so far.

No1 arrived back, I instructed him naked across the bed, straddled his face and as he not only licked Me clean but also brought Me to multiple orgasms I told him of My afternoon in graphic detail, once exhausted I moved forwards and sucked My No1 to orgasm, sitting back on his face as he recovered, it didn't take long it had been many many months since the last time, poor thing didn't even get fully hard before he exploded hahaha, I instructed him to run My bath then lay face up on the bathroom floor, he called Me when he had done so, I walked into the bathroom instructed him to open his mouth and proceeded to piss in his mouth and all over his face, once finished I got in the bath and No1 cleaned up as I soaked, he then washed My hair and every inch of My body helped Me from the bath, wrapped Me in big fluffy towels...After he bathed in My 2nd hand water we dressed and went for a meal, we talked and talked, it was over a beautiful steak I told him his next chastity period was life and asked him to commit to it, he did of course and today marks it's 7th anniversary, I see no reason for any kind of review, possibly when we are old and grey a big chunk of stainless steel hung on his cock may no longer seem right but that's a good 20 plus years off yet, the next morning we were both very different, our dynamic had we agreed as we drove home moved up a level, I felt and still do more powerful in My power over him, My control, I understand Myself better and No1 too, he for his part has given up the last little bit and understands his need to submit to Me and the depth of that, many men and 7 years on No1 is My one true love, My soul mate, My best friend, he completes Me and allows Me to be Me, I am I know so very lucky not only the devotion and adoration of My No1 but I am also very lucky to have a collared boi My beautiful HB who is My 2nd cuckold, My No2, also devoted and adoring I love them both and love the way they between them make Me feel....thanks for reading...

Monday, 18 September 2017

new toys, site news

The Coffee & Cream 16 plait flogger and the Black and White 24 plait flogger have been added to the already extensive collection of impact toys at Fallen Angel, My beautiful play space.

Look out at and for total revamps in the next month, you will never turn up here and see your Mistress ten years older than her photo's updated annually nor will you find a dungeon without the very best quality toys and plenty of them....

Thanks for reading
Sara xx

Saturday, 2 September 2017

New additions to the new bench

A really short blog this one, as you can see I have bought some additions to the new strap on bench, a head rest to keep all you guys and gals comfy, a chest plate to give you some support whilst on the bench and a lovely little clamp that holds a Hitachi wand in just the right place.....and last but not least some silicone padding on the wrist/ankle/neck restraints....I really am too kind, but doesn't it look the nut's....**Grins

Thanks for reading

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Little refurb and new kit...

So after my last blog about how little time I am spending in My beloved play space *Fallen Angel Studio* I know some of you were very concerned I may shut it, hopefully by the time you finish reading this blog you'll all be assured that I have no intention whatsoever of doing so.

It has always filled Me with great pride when you visit to hear the comments, a lot start the first time with a simple "Wow" others a little more expressive and I love that, what I really really love though is the comments from the regulars who comment on how I am always investing and making it continuously better and better and also the many compliments on the cleanliness, not always diamonds that lead to a girls heart **Smiles, diamonds are of course very very welcome....

So a new bench has been added and what a bit of kit it is, it does way way to much to try and begin to describe it, those that have tried it thus far have loved it, you can get a hint of what it is all about from the picture above made by  Style Fetish, a German company, it is a marvel of engineering a really clever piece. It goes by the name The Predator and can be added to, watch this space.

Another fantastic addition is My new Fetters bondage board, I have some clever boy's around so have had it slightly adapted with a stunning wooden foot plate, the same with the bench above, the red leather it came with was disappeared by My lovely No1 and now all is in My favourite mysterious black...

And after My last blog I have added into The Studio a medical corner so for those crossover clients that like their medical in a dungeon environment here is the best of both worlds, an Aetic Patient trolley, a serious kit milker and a  Boyles Selectatec anaesthesia machine and a traditional clinical stool.

I have much much more news regarding the serious kit milker but that is for another blog and exciting possibilities of a really well known and renowned Mistress who may start sessioning from Fallen Angel in the near future, so rest assured My beautiful Studio is in NO danger of closing, but for now.....thanks for reading....

Monday, 17 July 2017

Anyone looking for a job?

Well the title is a little misleading, well then again not really, maybe? sort of? Oh i don’t know, read on and see what you think....

So a good few years back now I got off the roundabout that is **The Travelling Mistress**and set up my own place, some of you may know it as Fallen Angel Studio, it was a really good move for me, no more travelling here there and everywhere, covering 5 counties for a one hour appointment, I actually started to make money and cut down my expenses as well....

I poured my heart and soul into building the studio into my very own utopia, it is often attributed as being one of the best that folks have experienced  which makes me very proud even taking into account the amount of smoke us PD’d get blown up our asses on a regular basis...Haha...sad but true, let’s be honest.

Anyway I digress, over the last 7/8 ish years, I continued to build a great business, my client base grew and grew and whilst originally being best known for impact and my prowess with a single tail my clients somewhere in amongst it  evolved and as well as impact players I also got large numbers of medical, rubber encasement and heavy bondage lovers, eventually I noticed, I couldn't not, and so some 17 months back I opened a specialist Medical room which I affectionately call **The Practice.**

Ok, so the last 17 months have been a whirlwind, as with the studio I have poured my heart and soul into making The Practice the best it can be within the confines of a budget, I am really pleased with it and to date it is proving a huge success, the problem, if you can call it a problem is that as soon as I opened it’s doors for business around 70% of my client base followed me and as the 17 months have passed I am getting busier and busier in The Practice and so have very little time available to session in The Studio.

For any of my regulars reading, don’t panic, I still do enough to keep Fallen Angel open and have no intention whatsoever of shutting it however there is no getting away from the fact that there are large spaces of time when it sit’s empty and unused and so a business opportunity is there for someone.

I know there is a business to be built just from the amount of calls I get that I can’t do as I am already in session in The Practice, I am not suggesting that any old body can pitch up and have a ready made business handed to them on a plate, a business needs building but there is business here to be taken, thats a fact.

So in conclusion, I am not averse to any travelling ladies who would like to session here, far from it, I started that way, but in an ideal world I would like to see one, maybe two ladies come and build a business here and see the facility used to it’s full potential, If it is of any interest to you, my phone number is on all my web sites, give me a call, pop in for a coffee and a look round and we can discuss rates and the like and go from there….

Thanks for reading…….